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How to get loan with the name denied?

With the economic crisis, unemployment and high inflation, Brazilians have become more and more indebted, becoming defaulters, that is, negatives.

Being denied means that your CPF is registered with agencies such as Semapa. And unfortunately, your life can be very complicated with a dirty name, as this creates problems in getting a loan, financing or even paying a installment account.

This is because companies are afraid that you will not be able to pay off the money and eventually end up accumulating more debt.

So we have separated some suggestions on how to get a bad loan.

The dirty name can contribute to complications at the time of purchase.

Loan options for negatives

Loan options for negatives

Payroll loan

Payroll-deductible loans are one of the cheapest modes of the market, since interest rates are lower. This is because the installments are deducted directly from the payroll, which allows a greater guarantee of the bank when receiving the money that was borrowed.

The deadlines are longer, in which you can pay up to 120 months.

The disadvantage of payroll loans is that their use can make it difficult to plan the budget, because at the end of the month, it is deducted from your income.

So if you do not have the organization you need, you can mess up and control your finances a lot.


  • Easy to hire;
  • Monthly installments with fixed values;
  • Lower interest rates;
  • Speed ​​in evaluating and releasing money.

Refinancing of property

This type of credit is intended for those who own a property and taken away, in which it enters as a loan guarantee, also known as mortgage.

It has low interest rates and if you do not comply with the agreements with the bank, your property can be taken by the institution.


  • Low interest rates;
  • Prolonged payment term;
  • Speed ​​and freedom of use of credit;
  • Loans at high value.

Vehicle Refinancing

It follows the same line as the property, but using a vehicle as collateral. The amount of the loan may vary according to the company, but will always be proportional to the value of the vehicle.


  • Lower interest rates;
  • Longer payment term;
  • It is possible to advance the payment of the parcels;
  • Monthly installments.


It is a modality of purchase based on the union of people, with the purpose of forming savings for the acquisition of furniture, real estate and services. The training is done by an administration and contains fees.


  • Various payment terms;
  • Flexible use of credit;
  • Power of purchase in sight;
  • Whoever is contemplated with the consortium can sell their property, to transfer or repay the debt.


You surrender ownership of the asset and receive 85% of the assessed value. It can be a jewelry, vehicle or other, which stays as collateral until the total amount borrowed (with interest) is received back.

Who is negative, can count on some options available in the market.

What are the documents needed to get a loan?

  • RG;
  • CPF;
  • Proof of residence.

In some cases, evidence is required that the customer will be able to afford the debt.

Is it worth borrowing a dirty name loan?

Is it worth borrowing a dirty name loan?

Often requesting a loan with the dirty name can be tricky as you usually face higher interest rates, inflexibility of payment and difficulty in finding institutions that perform this type of service.

But, it may be the chance to get out of the negative. The important thing is to pay off the previous debts and remove that nuisance that causes so many restrictions at the time of purchase.

Have you gone through a negative moment? Do you have any tips for getting out of this? Tell us your experience in the comments!

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