A loan without looking into the debtors register will not save your vacation

It is used to solve distress. Every year we try after a great holiday by the sea or winter fun in the mountains. And who would not be looking for a holiday after workload! But sometimes it doesn’t really work out with holiday money. The solution can then be a loan, and if the family has already made some financial commitments and would no longer reach the current loan, the choice can be a loan without looking into the debtors register.

But is it a good idea to address our desire for a foreign holiday or after skiing in this way? Certainly not. This loan is rather risky and should only be used to deal with emergencies.

The lack of money to pay for a holiday is mostly a system error.

The lack of money to pay for a holiday is mostly a system error.

And so it must also be dealt with systemically. If we don’t have the money to buy a vacation we have chosen and we have calculated in advance, something is wrong. Mostly the reason is the zero or too weak habit of making a financial reserve. But the financial reserve is the cornerstone of sound family budget management.

How to do it right? Good practice in this case is that we postpone your vacation systematically, long-term, preferably to a separate and free-of-charge account. And we put aside not only for the holiday, but also for the worse times when the repair of the car and the purchase of a new washing machine come together because she decided not to serve anymore – and the repair would be similarly expensive as a new two-year warranty device. We can cope with the financial reserve without losing the flower.

But, what if the financial reserves are made, but it doesn’t work out anyway?

But, what if the financial reserves are made, but it doesn

Who is able to systematically create financial reserves will usually not need a loan without looking into debt registers. However, life is not just black or white. And sometimes it happens that even the people who make up the financial reserves suddenly find themselves dry. There are a few thousand missing from the holiday and the maturity date is inexorably approaching.

If these people still have other loans, such as a mortgage or consumer credit for home electronics, it is suddenly a problem to borrow from the bank at that extra charge to the holiday price. As a convenient solution, the loan is offered without looking into the debtors register. No one really examines how many other household debts are. It is mostly a loan for a small amount.

Is the solution offered correct? If this is an exception, if we are sure of future income and if this does not happen, yes.

Prior to signing a loan, hesitation is an advantage

Prior to signing a loan, hesitation is an advantage

If the family has earnings that guarantee that they will be able to repay the holiday loan, there is nothing in the way of money. But whether we are going to sign a contract for any loan, we always hesitate to read and count.

What must be of particular concern to us? Loan price (ie APR), monthly installments, total amount paid for the loan. And also the conditions for repayment problems. The friendliness of the company in its business terms means honest practice and intent.


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